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We are Expliciet, a marketing agency based in Hasselt. With one distinct ambition: to create impact. Impact on our clients’ business. To let them in turn make impact.

We are a team of more than 40 marketing specialists. With a burning desire for more and better. With a high degree of ownership and business sense. We share a drive to move forward. To understand better. To stand out more.


Understand toSTAND OUT


That is where everything starts for us. That is what makes us stand out.

Because really understanding makes the difference between nodding along or thinking along. The difference between parroting or having an own opinion. Between an agency that just executes, or one that’s a sounding board with new insights.

We only start when we understand everything. The business case. Each customer segment. The way customers look at a product or service.

That is why we advise in a result-oriented approach. Why we guarantee maximum impact. And why ultimately, we deliver more creative and precise work.

We make brands that stand out.

  • Understanding Leads to standing out
  • We know companies inside and out… … so we can work out a branding that is the ideal mix between commercial and inspirational.
  • We understand customer segments… … so we go fully customised in messaging. Content-wise and visually. In terms of message and mixture of channels.
  • We understand the business case… … this is how we set the right priorities and maximise the return on marketing investments.


To fulfil all those goals of our clients, we need heart chasers. Enterprising marketers with a passion for their profession, with a burning desire for more and better. Experts with expert knowledge and people skills. People with a big heart for marketing and for each other.

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