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A new product or service for an existing customer segment? Or is the challenge to reach an entirely new target audience? Or maybe it’s a mix of both? We look through the eyes of the personas, draw on our experience as marketers and couple that with a hands-on approach.

Stand out

We translate product features into product benefits. We divide the launch into different stages, tailored to the various customer segments. Each with a tailor-made mixture of channels: paid and owned. Emailing, press, website, socials… The common thread is a creative umbrella concept that makes heads turn.

OUTSTANDINGway of working



We dive into your current product range and service offering. How does this launch compare to what is already available? Who is the target audience? How do they perceive this new name? What are the USPs?



Message, persona, channel and stage. What do we communicate to whom through which touchpoint at what time? What concept runs like a common thread through the launch? We analyse the question and turn it into an action plan.



We start up. Our team of strategists, designers, developers, copywriters and online marketers get to work.



We roll out one stage at a time. To reach our goal, target group by target group. And to analyse exactly how often and through which touchpoint we got on the radar.

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